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WoW Blue Posts: How Much More of Dragon Soul?

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Blue Posts

We don't have a "filler" Raid planned. We have a wealth of information that we've been sharing with the media and press this week that they'll start sharing with you all next week (Monday, March, 19). While we aren't going to give you a release date, I think you'll get a good idea of how far along we are in the development of the expansion. We think you'll like what you see/hear/read.

We'll also be keeping an eye on any and all constructive feedback and answering what we can as development continues.

We'll do our best to give everyone as much of a "heads-up" as possible when we do provide a release date. Don't worry. As always, you'll see it when you see it.

There are still a lot of things to do and be done in the game currently beyond Raid content. We generally see people begin to "finish" content they may have not gotten to prior to the release of a new expansion or expansion patch and I think once we start talking about beta and getting people into the beta, we'll see more people posting about what those things are. There will be a lot more to do when Mists of Pandaria becomes available (new/additional things), that may take your focus from completing some of the things you're working on (or plan to work on) now. It's a good time to start thinking about what those things may be.

I'm not going to hint at how long that may be, so don't ask. It's just something to think about.


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