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WoW 5.0 New Class: Monk

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Monk Information:

Cloth, Leather

Fist Weapons, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Swords, Polearms, Staves

Sample Abilities

Icon Name Description
Spinning Crane Kick You spin while kicking in the air, dealing Physical damage every 1 sec, to all nearby enemies within 8 yards. Movement speed is reduced by 30%. Lasts 6 sec.
Roll Roll a short distance
Statue of the Jade Serpent Summon a statue at the target location. Anytime you deal damage, a nearby friendly target within 20 yards of the statue will be healed. You can have up to 3 Jade Dragon Statues active at a time.

Available Races:
Pandaren | Draenei | Dwarf | Gnome | Human | Night Elf | Blood Elf | Orc | Tauren | Troll | Forsaken

The Monk

Pandaren masters have chosen to share their ancient martial arts with young fighters in both the Alliance and Horde. Harnessing their inner strength and potent "chi" energy, Monks are extremely capable in every role: damage, defense, and healing.

Full SizeWoW New Classes: Monk

Monks are masters of bare-handed combat, choosing to draw their weapons only for devastating finishing moves. Monk healers bring harmony and balance to every group, healing even the most grievous of injuries with ancient remedies and focused spiritual arts. And few can hope to out-last the unquenchable prowess of the Monk Brewmaster, whose empowering beverages and unpredictable combat style allow them to absorb incredible amounts of punishment.

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