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WoW 4.3: Gilneas Reputation Mounts

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Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight Feature

Worgen will have their race's mounts soon!!

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm patch 4.3, We'll be unlocking an additional set of Alliance mounts. We recognize that when players undertake a faction change to the worgen race, there are no Gilneas faction mounts to exchange for their original faction mounts. Players who do so see their total number of mounts decrease.

With the patch, we'll be adding Gilneas faction mounts to the stables of Azeroth. Alliance characters with exalted Gilneas reputation will now be able to claim these additional mounts to add to their own stables (and achievement numbers).

Click on the images below for a preview of what's coming:

Full SizeWoW 4.3: Gilneas Reputation Mounts

Full SizeWoW 4.3: Gilneas Reputation Mounts

We hope you'll visit the new worgen racial mount vendor to pick out a steed to call your own.

Players' Comments:

Sorá: This has to be a joke.

Andurel: Stop your QQ, It is better than nothing at all. If you don't like it, Don't buy it.

Lobotomy: From my collector standpoint- YAY NEW EASY TO OBTAIN MOUNTS!!!
From My More Critical Roleplayer Standpoint- Cataclysm already !%*@d all remaining lore,you don't really need to cater to it anymore. Just admit it.
From My Regular Standpoint- This better be troll,Blizzard. At LEAST make new colors/patterns on these horses and a slight model change to make them look different (Longer tail?Something?) Seriously,this looks like someone just edited some texture files to make an HD horse.

Flockogulls: Delayed April Fools? Has to be, otherwise....complete fail.

What do you think?

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