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WoW 4.3 Statistics: The Most Common/Rare Pets

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Today, Let's looked at the popularity of non combat pets. Keep in mind many of these characters are alts, which reduces the percentages from what they really are for more active characters. This comes from a ~6.4 million level 85 character sample size. You can see the full list here.

  • The average player in this sample has 23 pets.
  • Unhatched Mr. Chilly was awarded to players who merged their World of Warcraft account with a account before the merger deadline. It is mailed to all new characters created on the account.
  • Perky Pug is awarded to characters that did heroics with at least 100 people through LFD.
  • Turtle Box is the most popular Children's Week pet.
  • Polar Bear Collar was awarded through a Coke promotion in China, only one EU character had one out of the entire sample (we only track US and EU).
  • Enchanted Onyx was mailed to players on Korean realms as part of a promotion, only ~315 EU players had one in our sample.

Most Common Pets Percent
Unhatched Mr. Chilly 80.7941%
Perky Pug 65.7710%
Sinister Squashling 61.0410%
Onyxian Whelpling 46.0062%
Blue Mini Jouster 41.6215%
Core Hound Pup 39.3904%
Wolpertinger's Tankard 38.2341%
Baby Blizzard Bear 36.2475%
Gold Mini Jouster 33.3662%
Parrot Cage (Senegal) 31.1504%
Cockroach 29.5358%
Crimson Snake 28.2002%
Panther Cub 27.8769%
Cobra Hatchling 27.1030%
Parrot Cage (Cockatiel) 26.4126%
White Tickbird Hatchling 25.8465%
Cat Carrier (Siamese) 25.6343%
Tickbird Hatchling 24.9410%
Ancona Chicken 24.4737%
Black Kingsnake 23.2060%
Obsidian Hatchling 22.0245%
Cat Carrier (Bombay) 21.9813%
Cat Carrier (Silver Tabby) 21.7057%
Tree Frog Box 21.4767%
Brown Snake 21.4673%
Cat Carrier (Cornish Rex) 21.4146%
Cat Carrier (Orange Tabby) 21.2959%
Great Horned Owl 21.0524%
Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe) 20.7943%
Miniwing 20.7123%


Most Rare Pets Percent
Polar Bear Collar 0.0000%
Murkimus' Little Spear 0.0002%
Enchanted Onyx 0.0049%
Darkmoon Tonk 0.0066%
Darkmoon Turtle 0.0204%
Darkmoon Zeppelin 0.0239%
Pink Murloc Egg 0.0258%
Darkmoon Cub 0.0324%
Dragon Kite 0.0402%
Spectral Tiger Cub 0.0465%
Soul-Trader Beacon 0.0575%
Tuskarr Kite 0.0670%
Rocket Chicken 0.0710%
Blue Murloc Egg 0.0769%
Darkmoon Monkey 0.0865%
Purple Puffer 0.0987%
Banana Charm 0.1266%
Tyrael's Hilt 0.1373%
Lump of Coal 0.1520%
Hippogryph Hatchling 0.1547%
Nightsaber Cub 0.3086%
Landro's Lichling 0.3619%
Celestial Dragon 0.4068%
Landro's Lil' XT 0.4796%
Crawling Claw 0.5030%
Lurky's Egg 0.5864%
Fox Kit 0.7117%
Murkimus' Tiny Spear 0.7827%
Zergling Leash 0.7918%
Panda Collar 0.9069%


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