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WoW 4.3 Statistics: The Most Common/Rare Mounts

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Today, Let's looked at the most and least popular mounts. Keep in mind many of these characters are alts, which reduces the percentages. This comes from a ~6.4 million level 85 character sample size. Gladiator mounts and old epic ground mounts that are no longer in the game were removed from the list. You can see the unfiltered list and a few bonus mounts here.

  • The average level 85 character has 21 mounts.
  • The average level 85 character that has done at least some of the new 4.3 PvE content has 29 mounts.
  • Blue Wind Rider was the most popular Wyvern color from the set of normal speed Wyverns that you could purchase in Burning Crusade.
  • Swift Red Wind Rider was the most popular Wyvern color from the set of epic speed Wyverns that you could purchase in Burning Crusade.
  • Only 70% of level 85 characters completed enough quests in Vashj'ir to get the Subdued Abyssal Seahorse.
  • People really like the camels!
Most Common Mounts Percent
Subdued Abyssal Seahorse 70.35%
Reins of the Bronze Drake 54.82%
Snowy Gryphon 26.18%
Blue Wind Rider 24.03%
Reins of the Brown Riding Camel 23.68%
Reins of the Tan Riding Camel 23.32%
Ebon Gryphon 22.19%
Tawny Wind Rider 21.25%
Golden Gryphon 20.57%
Yellow Qiraji Resonating Crystal 18.73%
Green Qiraji Resonating Crystal 18.32%
Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal 18.22%
Swift White Steed 18.16%
Green Wind Rider 17.80%
Swift Palomino 16.96%
Swift Red Wind Rider 16.86%
Swift Red Gryphon 16.61%
Swift Purple Gryphon 16.48%
Pinto Bridle 16.25%
Chestnut Mare Bridle 16.16%
Celestial Steed 16.04%
Swift Brewfest Ram 15.96%
Swift Brown Steed 15.79%
Swift Blue Gryphon 15.55%
Great Brewfest Kodo 15.43%
Brown Horse Bridle 15.39%
Swift Purple Wind Rider 15.34%
Reins of the Swift Frostsaber 14.96%
Reins of the Swift Stormsaber 14.68%
Reins of the Swift Mistsaber 14.13%


Rarest Mounts Percent
Swift Forest Strider 0.00053%
Darkmoon Dancing Bear 0.00056%
Experiment 12-B 0.00064%
Swift Shorestrider 0.00330%
Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal 0.00587%
Reins of the Blazing Drake 0.00917%
Amani Dragonhawk 0.00967%
Wooly White Rhino 0.01974%
Blazing Hippogryph 0.03298%
Big Love Rocket 0.03578%
Reins of the Drake of the South Wind 0.03634%
Mottled Drake 0.03683%
Reins of the Onyxian Drake 0.04036%
X-51 Nether-Rocket 0.04246%
Magic Rooster Egg 0.05852%
X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME 0.06976%
Reins of the Spectral Tiger 0.07053%
Riding Turtle 0.08062%
Invincible's Reins 0.08568%
Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger 0.09008%
Big Battle Bear 0.09525%
Mimiron's Head 0.10197%
Reins of Poseidus 0.11705%
Ashes of Al'ar 0.13263%
Reins of the Drake of the East Wind 0.18380%
Reins of the Black Proto-Drake 0.19016%
Smoldering Egg of Millagazor 0.19592%
Flametalon of Alysrazor 0.19602%
Reins of the Azure Drake 0.20127%
Vicious War Wolf 0.21498%


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