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WoW: How to be a WoW Mastermind

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Pamela How to be a WoW Mastermind
By Pamela
Pamela is an MMO vagabond with experience in a vast array of titles. She focuses on solo and duo content in MMOs with an emphasis on having fun without needing too many other players around. Follow her to read more about enjoying all types of MMOs.

World of Warcraft is a pretty standard MMO. Players pick a race, a class, and specialize to play the type of character they want. There are priests and paladins; druids and death knights; and a number of other classes that are typically found in RPGs. However, every once in a while, any of the classes found in WoW can somewhat become WoW masterminds.

Mastermind is an archetype from another popular, yet very different, MMO. City of Heroes has offered the mastermind class to players since City of Villains was released in 2005. The archetype is a pet class in the same way that a hunter is, but instead of having just one pet; a mastermind has five. While questing in Azeroth and beyond, the common classes found in WoW can briefly become masterminds. It’s not the same, but many quests give players the aid of NPCs that will fight for them. WoW players don’t get to direct their newfound “pets” like a mastermind does, but the comparison is unavoidable. Although there are several quests in which players have a number of temporary pets follow them, here are five quests every WoW player and mastermind enthusiast should check out.

Combat Training (level 34)

Horde and Alliance both have the opportunity to become WoW masterminds while questing in the Western Plaguelands. After speaking with, and completing two other quests for, Lindsay Ravensun the Combat Training quest opens up for Horde. Those questing through Tirisfal Glades will naturally find her at the Bulwark, but she is also found in Andorhal. Andorhal is where the auto-quest actually pops.

Lindsay asks members of the Horde to use an enthralled Val’kyr to rally five Forsaken Troopers. With their aid, the player is asked to slay Opengut Behemoth to complete the quest. Through the course of this quest the player not only has the help of the Val’kyr but also five troopers. It doesn’t get more mastermind than that. Of course, control of these brand new pets is limited compared to that of a real mastermind, but the novelty of having your soldiers shouldn’t be lost on this quest.

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Alliance players have a similar quest by the same name. Although their motives are different, Alliance get to battle an abomination as well. After starting a series of quests in Chillwind Camp (the first quest is called Uther’s Blessing), Alliance players will meet with Thurman Grant in The Writhing Haunt. He’ll ask you to take some farmers and fight Gory, a friendly abomination just yards away from Thurman.

In true mastermind form, you’ll have a number of farmer pets that will fight for you and protect you while you’re in the immediate area. Although you do have a pet bar for these farmers, there aren’t any advanced commands. You can direct them to a target and execute other basic commands, but they’re enjoyable nonetheless.

Brother Against Brother (level 38)

Alliance continue their mastermind inspired quests again with Thurman Grant. After learning what the Horde did during their Combat Training quest, the Alliance fights back. Thurman asks the player to once again use the farmer minutemen in combat. This time, you’re asked to travel to Andorhal with the farmers and kill 20 Forsaken Troopers. Unfortunately, these troopers were once these farmers’ friends and family, making the quest a grim look into the war between the Horde and Alliance.

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Again, players can only direct the farmers to attack and they are, by default, set to defend their leader; the player.

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