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WoW 4.3: Darkmoon Faire Now And Then

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Mimiron WoW 4.3: Darkmoon Faire Now And Then
By Mimiron
My name is Stan, I am 19 years old. Currently I am studying at a University. I am the founder of the FB group which posted Cataclysm news since 8/23/09. I am playing WoW since the release of Burning Crusade. I like writing articles regarding Cataclysm. The most time I enjoyed playing was high-end TBC - Sunwell Plateau.

Darkmoon Faire - Now And Then...

Patch 4.3 has brought new raid content, class changes, but also, revamped the old boring Darkmoon Faire.

Darkmoon Faire banner on the wall near the entry to Stormwind

Now, there is a whole island dedicated to this event, which takes place once monthly, starting the first friday of a month.

To enter the island, alliance players have to visit the portal located in Goldshire - Elwynn Forest, for the Horde, the portal is located in Mulgore at the base of Thunder Bluff.

If you are still visiting Outland, there is a portal near Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest too.


New achievements have been added to the World Events tab regarding Darkmoon Faire.
They aren't a meta-requirement for the Violet Proto-drake mount reward though.

Upon entering the island (clicking on the portal) players are granted the "Come One, Come All!" achievement

Players have to buy Darkmoon Tickets to play mini-games, such as tonk-racing. When this mini-games are completed, they reward Darkmoon Faire Tickets. You can find it under the Currency Tab, once earned. Thanks to these tickets a huge variety of rewards can be redeemed.

Tonk racing on the new Darkmoon Island

All existing heirlooms, Vanilla gear replicas so that your gear can be transmogrified into the skin of the existing heirloom items and of course companions and mounts!

There are two mounts, a hawkstrider and this Darkmoon Dancing Bear. They can be redeemed for 180 Tokens

As for companions, the ones worthy of a notice are the Darkmoon Balloon and the Darkmoon Monkey.

Players will have to pay 90 prizes for these


Comparing the old Darkmoon Faire to the new one in retrospective...

Some people may miss the old Darkmoon Faire, although the newer does look better indeed. It is now more fun, versatile and rewarding.

Apart from the trinkets and reputation towards Insane in the Membrane there was no particular reason in doing Darkmoon Faire before Patch 4.3, so we can safely assume that this change brought the spark back to the old event. Will other events such as Day of the Dead where there's actually only one NPC to whom you speak to?

The old Darkmoon Faire in Mulgore with a blood knight in the foreground

Mulgore look at the npcs rejoicing the arrival of Darkmoon Faire

This is how Darkmoon Faire looks now, this is the island - bird-view

What is your idea on this? Do you like the new look of the Darkmoon Faire or do you hate it? Was the revamp something that made you play Warcraft after a long time again or don't you really care?


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