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WoW Patch 5.3: Legendary Questline

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Parts of the 5.3 legendary questline have been datamined, with ilvl 600 capes as rewards for defeating one of the four celestials.

5.3 Legendary Quests

  • A Reckoning sends you to talk to Wrathion after the defeat of the Thunder King.

    The Thunder King is dead, and his instruments of oppression are being picked over by the Alliance and Horde for their own ends.
    We come now to the climax of the pandaren campaign. Hellscream's machinations have brought the Alliance down on his head - but even more importantly, he's fractured the unity of the Horde. As the Pandaren say: "The Wok is Hot." Something is about to give, and all of our work comes down to this.
    I need time to plan. See me as soon as your faction is ready to make its move!
  • Celestial Blessings: You must defeat one of the four celestials--each Celestial's challenge is designed for a specific spec/role.

    I would like to grant you my full array of draconic power, but sadly, it would tear your mortal frame apart. Still, it's not hopeless - I believe I can create a powerful vessel that you can use.
    To craft it, I will need the blessings of the four August Celestials in Pandaria. Travel with me to the four temples and we will speak to each. To be worthy of their gifts, you must defeat one of their challenges.
    They will not be easy - chose the one challenge best suited to your equipment and skills!
  • Cloak of Virtue: When you return to Wrathion, you will pick one of the following capes as a reward:
  • The follow-up quest, Preparing to Strike, sets things up for the Siege of Orgrimmar.
Source from: WoW Head

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