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WoW Patch 5.3: Blood in the Snow Scenario Preview

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In Patch 5.3, players have to complete two scenarios: Blood in the Snow and Dark Heart of Pandaria to unlock the Darkspear Rebellion.

This is the first new scenario added in Patch 5.3, completable after you have seen the intro and picked up the quest.

Blood in the Snow Guide
•Stage 1 – The Mountaineers
Contact the Dark Iron Mountaineers atop Shimmer Ridge and find a way to stop the storm.
•Stage 2 – Save Scout Stonebeard
Free Scout Stonebeard from the trolls' roasting spit.
•Stage 3 – Save Scout Boldbrew
Slay the trolls trying to cook Scout Boldbrew.
•Stage 4 – Save Scout Forgefellow
Slay the trolls about to sacrifice Scout Forgefellow.
•Stage 5 – The Cold Cave
Slay the elemental spirit in the ice cave to end the snowstorm.
•Stage 6 – Victory or Death
Join Moira's forces, slay the Zandalari leader, and captures the Frostmane village.
•Final Stage – Bonus Objective
Complete the Bonus Objective to receive bonus Valor.

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