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WoW Patch 5.2 - Legendary Quest Guide

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Here is the guide to the unique legendary questline with a summary of all the new quests and rewards found in Patch 5.2. Completing all the new steps will reward you with a legendary metagem and Chapter III: Two Princes. The new gems are as follows:

For the math inclined, Ghostcrawler explained proc rates and coefficients in a recent blue post.

This is a bit of a change from obtaining a Sha-Touched weapon in 5.0 and then enhancing it in 5.1, but as explained in WoW Head's recent Blizzard dev interview, obtaining a weapon is an exciting moment in a new tier and making players constantly upgrade a Sha-Touched weapon would take away that fun. If you still really want a Sha-Touched weapon for either looks or stats, the droprate has been increased in LFR.


  • All level 90 players in a raid can work on the legendary questline at the same time. it's been purposely designed to cut down on loot drama and the feeling that one person in your raid ends up overpowered.
  • This legendary series will span the expansion, with more elaborate rewards each tier.
  • The 5.0 reward is a +500 stat gem that can be placed into a special Sha-Touched weapon, of which there are versions on LFR, Normal, and Heroic difficulty. This gems only work in Sha-Touched weapons.
  • The 5.1 reward is an additional prismatic socket, Eye of the Black Prince. This socket works on both Sha-Touched and 5.2 weapons.
  • The 5.2 reward is a legendary metagem, the Crown of Heaven.
  • If you are just becoming interested in the legendary questline now, you must start with the 5.0 part of the questline instead of jumping into the 5.2 section.

5.2 Quest Series

This part of the quest chain will send you into Throne of Thunder and the reward is a legendary meta gem. Here are all the new quests:

There are two additional quests we don't know the placement of yet--it makes the most sense for them to be towards the end of the chain. We'll update when players reach this part of the chain:

Source from: WoW Head

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