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WoW Patch 5.2: The Thunder King Features

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Lei Shen has consolidated his power on the Isle of Thunder, and if he's not dislodged, his reborn army will threaten all of Pandaria. But the return of the Thunder King is good news for you, because it means that new challenges and triumphs await in our latest major content update. A massive new zone, a new raid, server-wide events surrounding the siege on the Isle of Thunder, new factions, world bosses . . . and more. Brace yourself for the storm.

Raid Preview: Throne of Thunder

When Pandaria separated from Kalimdor many thousands of years ago, a veil of mist kept outsiders from discovering the newly-formed continent. The mists also hid the site of an ancient evil: Lei Shen's Throne of Thunder. During his rule, this fortress was the seat of the Thunder King’s power. Great swathes of corrupted energy lingered long after his death, and now, the resurrected Thunder King and the Zandalari trolls intend to harness that energy to reestablish Lei Shen's reign.
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Throne of Thunder Raid Schedule

With the release of Patch 5.2: The Thunder King, the vast Throne of Thunder raid will become available. As in previous raid tiers, Raid Finder wings and availability difficulties will be staggered.
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Preview: Isle of Thunder

There's a storm brewing on Thunder Isle in the form of the newly risen Thunder King: Lei Shen and the invading Zandalari forces who support his bid to regain his seat of power over Pandaria. Once more the heroes of the Horde and Alliance are being called forth to take on this threat, but they do so in the midst of their own dark and bloody war reignited by the decimation of Theramore and the betrayal that split the Kirin Tor.
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World Boss Guide: Nalak, The Storm Lord

Nalak, the Storm Lord is one of two new world bosses introduced in Patch 5.2.
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World Boss Guide: Oondasta

Oondasta is one of two new world bosses inroduced in Patch 5.2.
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Season 13 Armor Preview

Take a look at the Tyrannical armor sets that the most accomplished PvP competitors can earn in Season 13.
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Tier 15 Armor Set Preview

Take a peek at tier 15 armor sets that can be found inside the Throne of Thunder.
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