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WoW Patch 5.2 Profession Changes Guide

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Many professions are getting big changes and additions in Patch 5.2. In this guide, we've broken down all the major changes to all the professions, including new vanity items, reagents, and crafted gear. Blacksmithing has the most changes, but there's also a new "Fish of the Day" event, a new archaeology race, and many recipes covering ilvl 522 raid gear and ilvl 458 PvP armor.

We do have one sad announcement to make--Pierre, an Engineering pet, is not coming in 5.2. Previously he was included in the PTR Pet Journal and PTR characters got level 25 rare versions of him.



An alternate way to skill up Blacksmithing is coming in 5.2. This will rely solely on Ghost Iron Bar, and while it may not be cost-efficient ( Training Project: Ghost Iron Saw for 3 skillups), some players may find it preferable to amassing materials from all over Azeroth. We've got the full list of training recipes, as well as a guide to this complete Blacksmithing revamp. Lightning Steel Ingot is a new blacksmithing item added in 5.2, which is BoP. It is used to create some awesome vanity weapons that resemble Burning Crusade weapons.

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As an additional benefit to making Lightning Steel Ingot, this gives you a chance to learn a new raid or Crafted Dreadful Gladiator PvP recipe. These crafted PvP sets look identical to the ilvl 458 Dreadful Gladiator's gear that was purchasable with honor in 5.0.


Four new battle pets that are obtainable from fishing have been added: Tiny Red Carp, Tiny Green Carp, Tiny Blue Carp, Tiny White Carp. These fish can be found in certain zones and Fish of the Day events, as marked in the Pet Journal. For more details on the 5.2 battle pets, check out our 5.2 Battle Pet Guide.
There is a new daily fishing event: Fish of the Day.

  • There are nine possible locations that Ben of the Booming Voice by Halfhill can send you to.
  • Each location has unique pools with special names that rapidly respawn and allow you to catch a certain Pandaren fish easily. Each location corresponds to a different type of fish.
  • Finally, for flavor, there are many Angler NPCs milling about, including Salty El! Specific fishing areas may have additional neat details, such as sprite darters casting arcane bolts at the Jade Lungfish site, or baby Reef Octopi jumping around the Reef Octopus site.
  • In addition, there is one "large" pool that will summon an Krakkanon, similar to The Lurker Below. He drops 20 of the area's fish, as well as a chance to drop Nat's Fishing Journal and fish for Nat Pagle.
  • For more information, check out our Fish of the Day overview or the extremely detailed writeup at Els' Extreme Anglin'!



Pattern: Magnificence of Leather and Pattern: Magnificence of Scales are new world drops in Patch 5.2 that allow Leatherworkers to create Magnificent Hide. Recipes for 5.2 raid epics and new Crafted PvP gear may be learnt when making Magnificence of Leather or Magnificence of Scales. These crafted PvP sets look identical to the ilvl 458 Dreadful Gladiator's gear that was purchasable with honor in 5.0.

Magnificent Hide Pack has also been added to craft a 36-slot bag.


In 5.2, Imperial Silk now has a chance to let you discover new 5.2 raid epics or Crafted PvP gear, including capes for all specs. Don't forget, in 5.1, you can also get a Imperial Silkworm or Imperial Moth from Silkworm Cocoon. These crafted PvP sets look identical to the ilvl 458 Dreadful Gladiator's gear that was purchasable with honor in 5.0.

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