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WoW Patch 5.2: Tier 15 Armor Set Preview

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The beating drums of war are growing louder, and both the Alliance and Horde are gathering along the shores of the Isle of Thunder. It’s time to face the risen king and his growing army. Before you strike out against the terrors of the island, though, take a peek at the tier 15 armor sets that can be found inside the Throne of Thunder.

Note: The images below are clickable for larger size images.

Death Knight - All-Consuming Maw

Druid - Haunted Forest

Hunter - Saurok Stalker

Mage - Chromatic Hydra

Monk - Fire-Charm

Paladin - Lightning Emperor

Priest - Exorcist

Rogue - Nine-Tail

Shaman - Witch Doctor

Warlock - Thousandfold Hells

Warrior - Last Mogu

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