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WoW Patch 5.2 Raid Preview: Throne of Thunder

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When Pandaria separated from Kalimdor many thousands of years ago, a veil of mist kept outsiders from discovering the newly-formed continent. The mists also hid the site of an ancient evil: Lei Shen's Throne of Thunder. During his rule, this fortress was the seat of the Thunder King's power. Great swathes of corrupted energy lingered long after his death, and now, the resurrected Thunder King and the Zandalari trolls intend to harness that energy to reestablish Lei Shen's reign.

Join us as we delve into the Thunder King's stronghold, one of the largest raid dungeons that Azeroth's adventurers have ever seen. Here we will learn about its fearsome denizens, and gain insight into each battle from Lead Encounter Designer, Ion "Watcher" Hazzikostas.

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Last Stand of the Zandalari

Jin'rokh the Breaker

When the Thunder King awoke, he rewarded the most loyal and ambitious Zandalari trolls with power beyond their wildest dreams. The berserker Jin'rokh was one of the first to receive the King's blessing, and even though Lei Shen's gifts nearly tore his body apart, the troll is now capable of calling the fury of the storm in battle.

Ion: Long-time players may remember this guy as one of the Zandalari berserkers living on Yojamba Isle in Stranglethorn Vale, back when the Zandalari were our friends. He was a quest giver in the assault on the original 20-player Zul'Gurub. He was a huge brute to begin with, but he's been imbued with even greater power by the Thunder King. He crackles with electricity, using both his raw strength and channeled lightning to destroy his enemies.

Guide to the boss: Jin'rokh the Breaker Guide


The Zandalari brought powerful creatures with them to the Isle of the Thunder King to use as engines of war. Led by the War-God Jalak, the dinomancers of the Zandalari Beast Ward use ancient tribal magics to strengthen the great beasts and command obedience. The horns of Horridon, the fabled mount of Jalak himself, can tear through the stone walls of a keep as a blade cuts silk.

Ion: Trolls love dinosaurs, so it's only fitting that the most advanced and powerful troll tribe should have the largest and most powerful dinosaurs. The overall structure of this encounter recalls past fights like Lady Deathwhisper or M'uru, where players must keep up with waves of lesser (but still threatening) minions while managing the boss, before turning their attention directly to him in the later stages of the fight.

Guide to the boss: Horridon Guide

Council of Elders

The history of the troll tribes—the Drakkari, the Farraki, the Amani, and the Gurubashi—is awash with millennia of betrayal and conflict, but the Zandalari's promise of a new, unstoppable empire has finally united these disparate troll leaders.

The Council of Elders consists of four mighty troll leaders: Kazra'jin of the Amani, Sul the Sandcrawler of the Farraki, Frost King Malakk of the Drakkari, and High Priestess Mar'Li of the Gurubashi.

Ion: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder's defeat in the Mogu'shan Vaults was, yes, merely a setback. It takes more than a few blades and spells to put a voodoo priest down for good, though he no longer possesses a corporeal form. So this time around you aren't fighting him directly, but rather dealing with him as he possesses and empowers leaders of four other troll tribes, strengthening their attacks until you can force him out of the body he has chosen to occupy.

Guide to the boss: Council Of Elders Guide

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