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Tired of PvP in WoW? Try New Ones in Legion!

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We have been changing gears from S to S+1 for the ilevel; we have been collecting Honor and Conquest currencies, as well as team ranks. They are just common and boring, I prefer to go 1-on-1 outside Stormwind and the season means nothing to me.


World of Warcraft knows the situation clearly and their efforts are shown to add interesting back to PvP’s tag. As to me the following features are worth my try:

  • Currencies will changed into the experience points as in Diablo III, which you have a maximum Honor Level of 50 and Honor Points after reaching 50 for rewards. What’s more, you can choose to Prestige which resets your Honor Level and increase the Prestige Level giving you more rewards. One more thing, the Honor Level will not reset between seasons.
  • PvP talents are activated while in PvP instance--OH! PvPer will have an extra talent tree!
  • PvP gears are becoming PvP-specific with the way of acquiring them restricted to gain through PvP. While the Honor Level will influence the quality of gears, season shifts won’t determine the gear replacement and it is your choice of the best one instead of adding 1 on the S-suit numbers.
  • More achievement. Rewards to be expected and two new maps for Arena.


For more PvP changes in detail, click here.

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