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Patch 5.1 Terrace of Endless Spring | Sha of Fear Detailed Strategy Guide

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Boss Icon - Sha of Fear This guide is intended to provide a comprehensive description of the encounter with Sha of Fear in Terrace of Endless Spring. It is targeted to anyone who desires to understand the fight mechanics.

This guide is updated for World of Warcraft MoP 5.1.

The Sha of Fear is the final boss encounter of the Terrace of Endless Spring, and it can be considered the final encounter of Tier 14. This is a very long fight.

The encounter will mostly test your raid's DPS and healing, but due to its length, it also strains your raid members' ability to maintain focus.


1. General Information

1.1. Health Values

Difficulty Sha of Fear Terror Spawn Terrace Guardians
10-man 138M 4M 14.4
25-man 554M 11.2M 14.4
LFR 343M 6.2M ???

1.2. Enrage Timer

The Sha of Fear has a 15-minute enrage timer, after which he will go Berserk Icon Berserk, dealing greatly increased damage and wiping your raid.

1.3. Raid Composition

Difficulty Tanks Healers DPS
10-man 2 2-3 5-6
25-man 2 5-7 16-18
LFR 2 5-6 17-18

2. Loot

In addition to the items listed below, the Sha of Fear drops the tokens that you will need for buying your Tier 14 Head parts.

2.1. Armor

Item Name Armor Slot Main Stats
Robes of Pinioned Eyes Icon Robes of Pinioned Eyes Cloth Chest Intellect/Spirit
Dreadwoven Leggings of Failure Icon Dreadwoven Leggings of Failure (LFR, Heroic) Cloth Legs Intellect/Hit
Wrap of Instant Petrification Icon Wrap of Instant Petrification Leather Chest Agility
Shadowgrip Girdle Icon Shadowgrip Girdle Mail Waist Agility

2.2. Weapons

Item Name Type Main Stats
Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion Icon Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion (LFR, Heroic) Two-Handed Axe Strength/Mastery
Kilrak, Jaws of Terror Icon Kilrak, Jaws of Terror (LFR, Heroic) One-Hand Sword Strength/Mastery

2.3. Trinkets

Item Name Type Main Stats
Essence of Terror Icon Essence of Terror (LFR, Heroic) Trinket Intellect/Haste on damage


3. Overview of the Fight

The fight against the Sha of Fear is a very long single-phase encounter. The Sha of Fear will use a variety of abilities against your raid, as well as summon adds, throughout the course of the fight.

You will fight the Sha of Fear on a large round platform, where he will remain stationary for the duration of the fight. Adjacent to this main platform, there are three other small platforms.

On the main platform, the raid will need to avoid a number of abilities from the Sha of Fear and often take cover in a safe zone that the tank will create by properly positioning themselves (see next section).

At regular intervals throughout the fight, 5 random raid members (always 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 DPS players) will be sent to one of the adjacent platforms. A hostile Pandaren NPC will spawn and the group will have to defeat it. This NPC uses a number of abilities. When the NPC dies, the raid members can (and should) return to the main platform.

The difficulty of the fight is constant from start to finish. In addition to the hard enrage timer, the group of players who is sent away to fight the Terrace Guardian will have have to make sure that they defeat him before the Sha of Fear sends another group of players away. This is because if both tanks are sent away from the Sha of Fear, the raid will wipe.

We will first look at what must be done on the main platform, after which we will discuss what must be done on the adjacent platforms.


4. Main Platform: Sha of Fear

On the main platform, in addition to attacking the Sha of Fear, the raid will have to make good use of the Wall of Light Icon Wall of Light, a safe zone activated by the tank being standing in the right place, and deal with adds that the Sha of Fear spawn at random places on the platform.

4.1. Wall of Light

On the main platform, you will notice a circle of light on the floor. This is where the tank who is currently tanking the Sha of Fear must always stand. Doing so creates a very obvious V-shaped safe zone, called the Wall of Light Icon Wall of Light, behind the tank. Players who stand within the Wall of Light take 10% less damage from all sources, and are immune to Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear, one of the boss' most damaging attacks.

Healers can remain within the safe zone for the entire fight. Ranged DPS will sometimes have to exit the safe zone to deal with adds spawning on the platform. Melee DPS will spend most of the fight behind the boss (so outside the safe zone) and they will occasionally move to deal with the adds that spawn on the platform or to take cover within the safe for Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear.

4.2. Abilities

The Sha of Fear makes use of several abilities. In addition to this, the boss has an Energy bar that slowly fills up to maximum capacity over a period of 30 seconds, independently of any factors. When the boss reaches maximum Energy, he uses his Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear attack (detailed below), and his Energy resets.

  • Thrash Icon Thrash is a buff that the boss gains after every 3 melee attacks that he makes, which causes him to attack 3 times instead of just once on the 4th attack.
  • Eerie Skull Icon Eerie Skull is a spell that the boss essentially spams at the raid. It deals a high amount of Shadow damage to a random raid member, and anyone else within 2 yards of their location.
  • Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear is a spell that the boss casts every 30 seconds, whenever his Energy bar fills up. This deals a massive amount of Shadow damage to anyone on the platform who is not within the Wall of Light Icon Wall of Light, fearing them for 5 seconds.
  • Ominous Cackle Icon Ominous Cackle is the spell that the boss uses to send a group of 5 random raid members to an adjacent platform, where they must defeat a corrupted Terrace Guardian. The Sha of Fear casts this spell roughly ever 90 seconds. We detail this part of the fight in a specific section.
    • Players who defeat a Terrace Guardian and are returned to the main platform benefit from a buff called Fearless Icon Fearless for 30 seconds. This increases their damage, healing, and movement speed, and makes them immune to the boss' Breath of Fear ability.
  • Throughout the fight, the Sha of Fear summons adds called Terror Spawns, in random locations on the main platform (but never within the Wall of Light).
    • The Terror Spawns constantly spam Penetrating Bolt Icon Penetrating Bolt while they are alive, which deals a large amount of Shadow damage in a 3-yard radius at the location of a random raid member, also stacking a debuff on affected players, which increases Shadow damage taken by 10% per stack, for 15 seconds. The point of impact of the Penetrating Bolts is clearly indicated by a graphical effect, so avoiding them is entirely possible (it works like most Shadow Crash mechanics).
    • The Terror Spawns are shielded in such a way that they cannot be damaged if attacked from the front.
  • Reaching Attack Icon Reaching Attack is a spell that the Sha of Fear casts if no targets are within his melee range. It deals a large amount of Shadow damage to players, and stacks a debuff on them that increases Shadow damage taken by 25% per stack.

4.3. Strategy

The strategy for the main platform is relatively simple.

  • One of the tanks should always be in the circle of light, in order to form the Wall of Light Icon Wall of Light zone.
  • Your entire raid should be within the V-shaped safe zone provided by the Wall of Light. The only exception is for melee players who can stand behind the boss and run inside the Wall of Light whenever Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear is coming up. Your raid members should be spread out to minimise the damage taken from Eerie Skull Icon Eerie Skull.
  • Have DPS players venture out of the Wall of Light and kill as many Terror Spawns as possible, by attacking them from behind. These players must always be sure to return to the Wall of Light before the boss casts Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear.
  • Everyone will need to move (mostly side-stepping) to avoid taking damage from the Penetrating Bolt Icon Penetrating Bolts cast by Terror Spawns.
  • DPS the Sha of Fear.
4.3.1. Positioning

There are several positioning constraints for your raid during this fight. First of all, the tank who is currently tanking the Sha of Fear (that is to say, the tank who is not sent to a platform to fight a Terrace Guardian) must always stand within the beam of light in order to maintain the Wall of Light Icon Wall of Light. The location is unmistakable, being clearly marked on the floor of the platform.

Second of all, all players must always attempt to be at spread out more than 2 yards apart, to minimise the damage taken from Eerie Skull Icon Eerie Skull.

Finally, the entire raid must stand within the Wall of Light Icon Wall of Light safe zone, with a few exceptions. Namely, DPS players must venture out of the Wall of Light in between casts of Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear in order to attack and kill the Terror Spawns. Also, melee DPS can stand behind the boss for most of the fight, and run inside the Wall of Light for Breath of Fear (they simply need to keep track of the Sha's energy bar). Finally, players who are under the effect of the Fearless Icon Fearless buff can afford to remain outside of the Wall of Light (to make it easier for the players inside to spread, and to maximise their DPS uptime on the Terror Spawns).

Additionally, players will have to be careful and move if they are targeted by a Terror Spawn's Penetrating Bolt Icon Penetrating Bolt.

4.3.2. Dealing with Terror Spawns

Terror Spawns are a problem as they constantly bombard your raid with Penetrating Bolt Icon Penetrating Bolt, which means that you have to either be on the move, or take a large amount of damage. As such, it is imperative that the number of Terror Spawns that are alive be kept under control.

It is up to your DPS players to leave the safe zone of the Wall of Light Icon Wall of Light, and position themselves behind the Terror Spawns in order to DPS and kill them. This is generally a simple task, but players must pay special attention not to be caught outside the Wall of Light when the boss is about to reach maximum Energy and cast Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear.

It may not always be possible to have the platform clear of all Terror Spawns, in which case your raid will have to strike a balance between how much DPS to apply to the adds and to the Sha of Fear. The idea is that there should not be too many Terror Spawns alive, because this will overwhelm your raid.

4.3.3. Healing Concerns

Healers (and tanks) must be aware of when Thrash Icon Thrash is coming up. This will result in a very large amount of damage on the tank, which can kill them if they are not prepared.

In addition to this, healers will need to heal the damage that random raid members take from Eerie Skull Icon Eerie Skull, as well as the damage that players will sometimes take from Penetrating Bolt Icon Penetrating Bolt (if they are careless, or if there are too many Terror Spawns alive).


5. Terrace Guardian Platforms

Whenever the boss casts Ominous Cackle Icon Ominous Cackle (in our experience, roughly every 90 seconds), a group of 5 randomly chosen raid members will be sent to a platform adjacent to the main platform, where they will fight a Terrace Guardian. This group of players will always have the composition of 1 tank, 1 healer, and 3 DPS players. Even though the players are randomly chosen, it seems that the game splits the raid into groups, and always sends the same group configurations to the platforms throughout the fight. The only time we have noticed a change is when a player is dead, in which case a new player will be chosen to fill their place.

All 3 adjacent platforms will present the same challenge do your raid. The Terrace Guardian to defeat has the same abilities on all platforms, although its name will slightly change depending on the platform the group is teleported to. The Terrace Guardian of a platform always respawns after being defeated.

Each platform is round and of relatively small size. Around the edges of the platform, there are many pillars, behind which players can move in order to line of sight the Terrace Guardian (who is stationary, in the center of the platform).

5.1. Abilities

The Terrace Guardians make use of several abilities.

  • Shoot Icon Shoot is an attack that the Terrace Guardian spams at his main aggro target. It deals a moderate amount of Physical damage.
  • Dread Spray Icon Dread Spray is an attack that the Terrace Guardian casts at regular intervals. He shoots volleys of Shadow damage in random directions for 8 seconds, firing a total of 16 volleys. Anyone who is hit by this ability takes a small amount of Shadow damage. If a player is hit twice (within the same Dread Spray cast), they will be feared for 2 seconds. The fear can be dispelled. Each of the three Terrace Guardians fires these volleys in a specific pattern, which we explain in the strategy section below.
  • Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom is an extremely damaging attack that the Terrace Guardian sometimes channels. It deals a large amount of Physical damage every second to all players in his line of sight.
  • As the Terrace Guardian loses health, he regularly spawns Sha Globe Icon Sha Globes on the ground around him. Sha Globes can be picked up by players (by running into them). When a player picks up a Sha Globe, they take a small amount of Shadow damage but have their primary resource filled up over time. If a Sha Globe is not picked up within 8 seconds of spawning, it will heal the Terrace Guardian for 5% of his maximum health.

As we have previously mentioned, whenever a group of players defeats a Terrace Guardian, they can return to the main platform by clicking a golden globe that appears near the dead Terrace Guardian. Killing the Terrace Guardian buffs the raid members with the Fearless Icon Fearless buff, which increases damage and healing done by 60%, movement speed by 60%, and renders the players immune to Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear for 30 seconds.

5.2. Strategy

Players who are sent to the platform of a Terrace Guardian have a few simple tasks to perform. We will summarise them before going into more details.

  • Make sure that all the Sha Globe Icon Sha Globes are picked up promptly by group members.
  • Dispel players affected by fears from Dread Spray Icon Dread Spray, and heal the damage that Dread Spray does.
  • Hide behind the pillars of the platform when the Terrace Guardian casts Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom. The tank should remain out, and continue collecting Sha Globes.
  • DPS the Terrace Guardian.

As we stated before, the Terrace Guardian is stationary in the center of the platform. Your raid should spread around him, and continuously collect Sha Globe Icon Sha Globes as they appear.

While the directions in which the Terrace Guardian fires the volleys of Dread Spray Icon Dread Spray will appear random at first, this is not so, and it follows a very specific pattern. This means that it is possible to avoid being hit by any of the volleys, by memorizing the patterns and positioning yourself properly.

We have created a diagram that shows the Dread Spray patterns on each of the three platforms (credit goes to Magicmoose who posted the original diagram on Wowhead).

Sha of Fear - Dread Spray Pattern

We would note that it is not really needed to follow this strategy and avoid all the volleys of Dread Spray, since their damage is not very high. Dispelling the fears is also not recommended, due to their short duration (but using Fear Ward Icon Fear Ward on the healer, where possible, is very helpful).

Line of sighting the Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom spell is always needed, as it deals a very large amount of damage. Sha Globes still need to be collected during this time, and the tank is best suited for this task (the damage done by Death Blossom is Physical, meaning that the tank will take little damage overall and can afford to run around collecting globes instead of hiding behind a pillar).


6. A Few Words on Raid Composition

We would like to mention that in 10-man, it is highly advised (almost mandatory) that you use 2 healers. This allows you to have the required DPS to comfortably keep the number of adds in check, and also allows you to kill the Terrace Guardians faster. It may be possible to complete the fight with 3 healers, if you have exceptional DPS, but we believe that this would only make it harder.


7. When to Use Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp

We recommend using Heroism Icon Heroism/Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust/Time Warp Icon Time Warp towards at the start of the fight. This is because the fight does not increase in difficulty, and using Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp while all cooldowns and potions are up is very beneficial.

Alternatively, you can try to use it after a group of players has just returned from defeating a Terrace Guardian, since they will be dealing 60% increased damage due to the Fearless Icon Fearless buff. If another group of players is away from the main group during this time (something which is likely to happen), then they can use Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp on the Terrace Guardian platform, or on the main platform after they return.


8. Learning the Fight

The encounter is not difficult to understand, but learning how to execute it properly will take a bit of practice.

On the main platform, your raid will need to become proficient at avoiding the impact locations of Penetrating Bolt Icon Penetrating Bolts. In addition to this, you will need to figure out what the most efficient way of killing the Terror Spawns is for your raid, while also keeping up a good amount of damage on the boss himself.

On the Terrace Guardian platforms, players will have to be proficient at picking up Sha Globe Icon Sha Globes, since you really cannot afford to have the Terrace Guardian healed. Additionally, players here must be aware of their boss mod timers, and get ready to avoid Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom by line of sighting it.

Other than this, the remaining tasks are relatively simple, and your raid should be able to learn them through repetition.


9. Achievement: The Mind-Killer

The The Mind-Killer Icon The Mind-Killer achievement is part of the Glory of the Pandaria Raider Icon Glory of the Pandaria Raider meta achievement. The achievement requires that you defeat the Sha of Fear without anyone in your raid being feared by Dread Spray Icon Dread Spray or Breath of Fear Icon Breath of Fear.

This is simply an awareness check, since both abilities can be avoided without much difficulty. Avoiding Breath of Fear requires that everyone be within the Wall of Light Icon Wall of Light when the Sha of Fear reaches 100 Energy.

Avoiding Dread Spray simply requires that everyone understand and memorize the patterns of the Dread Spray spell, which we explained above.

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