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WoW: Warlords of Draenor interview with Senior Game Producer Ray Cobo

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This is original from WoW Insider. Let's know more about expansion together!

Over the hectic BlizzCon weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting down with World of Warcraft Senior Game Producer Ray Cobo. Ray oversees various aspects of game design, with a specific focus on the art and design elements of WoW.

WoW Insider: So, the character models we've seen so far look amazing, the dwarves, gnomes, the orcs and draenei, what else are we expecting to see at the launch of the expansion?

Ray Cobo: Well, we're also going to have gnomes, we're also going to have undead, I think we're working on everything we can up to launch. Our hope is to be able to get them all out at the same time, and that includes trolls, that includes draenei. But it comes down to, you know, we only have so many hands in the fire, so we will just have to see what we can do.


So are you able to say anything about the ones that are furthest from completion? The ones that we're least likely to see at launch?

Well, of course the ones that we've seen at the con are the ones that are furthest along, we feel they're kind of representative of the kind of direction we want to go there, and we feel really good about them as a set.
Yes, they look incredible, it's really important for people to understand the amount of work that goes into them, it's far from just skins isn't it?

Absolutely, there's a lot of work that's gone into these, you're right that it's not just skins. There's a number of modelling issues that we've taken care of, we've added a lot of tech that's been developed over the years with stuff like hair and beards and cloaks and all kinds of stuff that's made them more independent, but they still retain some of that soul of the original character that you've come to, like, connect with over the years. So we've really taken a lot of care over this stuff and it's really exciting, and I think they're going to look really awesome.


Is there any chance of revamps for either the Worgen or Goblin coming up, or do you feel good about those?

We feel pretty good about those, we don't have any plans to revamp those any time soon. We feel they came out kind of recently, and that's what's kind of started the whole kind of trend to look back and go "well, you know, we've done these new player characters and stuff like that, the panda, the worgen, the goblin, they're all really at a level that is very Blizzard quality, so we wanted to go back and infuse that into the existing player characters and bring them up to speed. So everybody across the board has the same kind of quality, you know?

Town square somewhere in Draenor


So again on the art side, you've got the whole new continent coming out, which seems to be based on Outland. Are we going to be seeing something with a real Burning Crusade feel as far as armor and zones, or is it something really new?

I think it's going to be a little bit newer, there's definitely going to be some indications of the "past", you know, but I think we really want to focus on starting the stuff from scratch, and start developing the stuff for these new characters from the ground up. There's definitely going to be an Iron Horde influence as well, with the armor, so you'll see some of that as part of a lot of the gear and the items going forward.


OK so obviously one of the biggest things that have come out of the Con have been Garrisons, people are freaking out about player housing, so a few questions. First up, is this something with room for expansion, that could become like a guild house, or is it more like the Farm?

There's definitely room for expansion in the feature itself, I think for Warlords of Draenor we're pretty happy with the setup that we have, but it's continually evolving and we're always looking at ways to make it better. We also love getting feedback from the players which is kind of why we wanted to introduce this feature out to them and to you guys and to get that feedback on what you guys like and are hoping to see in the future and that kind of stuff. The guild thing is definitely an interesting aspect, we have no plans to do that at the moment, but it feels like something that would increase the excitement about making it feel like a place of community and social gathering and that kind of stuff so we're definitely looking into all that stuff as well.


The only negative feedback we've seen is the notion that they're going to be "required for raiding" content, so this notion that people "have to" do it. Is that a reasonable concern?

I don't think that's going to be a requirement for raiding, I think it's going to give them access to additional tiers or additional loot that they wouldn't otherwise have, so as you build your garrison and collect followers and get them to go out into the world and get loot or improve your crafting experience, I think it's its own kind of reward bucket. So the raids or dungeons that you send your followers on to go do for you while you hang out and wait are going to be completely different, the rewards that they bring back are going to be completely different from the stuff that you get from your own character's progression going out doing dungeons. It's totally separate loot buckets.


So the loot that your followers are getting, is that loot that is actually for your character?

Yes absolutely, it's going to help your player character's progression, but ideally it's not the same loot that you will get when you do a dungeon compared to when your followers do a dungeon. We're going to have those completely separate, it just gives you access to more loot. It's more chances on drops.


And is there any PvP potential between garrisons?

You know we were talking about that the other day, wouldn't it be fun to have my followers go up against your followers, do a little battling etc. It is something we're talking about, we don't have any plans to implement something like that yet, but it's something we're talking about in the office and something we are trying to work out the right way to do it and so on.


It'd be like Warcraft in Warcraft!

Exactly! It'd be great, what could possibly be more Warcraft than that?!


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