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What Is Bad Luck Protection of World of Warcraft in Brief?

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Some of you must have been away from even one possible gear of the orange color in World of Warcraft and this bad luck has finally ended my adventure in Azerath. Blizzard has made a Bad Luck Protection mechanic to deal with it but many of you are still getting nothing, so how it works on earth?


Thanks to the continuous doubts raised in all WoW’s forums, the EU forum Community Manager Aerythlea stood out to clarify : “Your total time /played and average item level has no bearing on your chances of obtaining a Legendary.” But after Aerythlea’s “In Short” explain, he talked in examples of the difference. In my short of Aerythlea’s further interpretation, the key of this protection is whether you have spent your time on Legendary-eligible content.


In the examples there is a Player A who wanders around and doesn’t do much in the way of Legendary-eligible content; Player B spends the majority of time doing Legendary-eligible content. According to Aerythlea, Player B is much more likely to enjoy Bad Luck Protection and gets the chances of obtaining legendary gears increased than Player A. You can check the examples here and don’t forget that Good Luck determines everything!

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