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WoW Blue Tweets - Patch 5.1

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Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Patch 5.1
Do you need to complete Krasarang Wilds in order to participate in 5.1?
Nope, you don't have to complete Krasarang to participate in 5.1 content. We reserved the space!

Is the double reputation after revered coming in 5.1?
That is the plan.

Hey gc, are you happy with the state of which the racials are on now?
No. If I was designing WoW from scratch, there would be no racials. The choice should be about look and lore, not power.

Warriors have just too much control vs casters. I don't mind them as a holy paladin. But my poor priests brothers.
There was a bug with Charge's diminishing returns.

When are you going to make Rogues Viable for PvP again because lets be honest they are not try reading the rogue forums.
As a general rule, I find class forums to be too much of an echo chamber to be useful. You need opposing views to have a debate.
Soo... don't use the PvP forums, don't use the class forums, in fact don't bother posting at all because blues won't read it?
I read the PvP forum and the role forums (DPS etc). The class forums are better for advice and theorycrafting.

40% damage reduction and yet worst burst problems ever? Instant CCs are completely out of control, tone them down please.
We don't think burst problems are out of control. We think sone specs, notably BM, have too much burst. Most specs are fine.

So, why change vengeance in the middle of progression? It makes a huge difference
It was bugged and causing too much tank damage.

Druid (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Starfall is hitting targets not in combat with the player. Why fix nether tempest and not starfall?
If we like the Nether Tempest change, we'll likely do it to Starfall as well. We are unlikely to do it for any other class / spec.

Hunter (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Can we Hunters expect increased Stable Space with these new awesome pets to tame in 5.1?
I'm torn on that. It's fun for hunters, but your pet is supposed to be your boon companion, not a list to fill out.

Any improvement to hunters in PVE seeing all the top guild having there hunters in the last place of damage meter?
Hunters are right up at the top on bosses 2, 3 and 4. They look better if you consider incoming druid HotW nerfs.

Mage (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
Can you explain the reasoning behind the change to pyroblast in the upcoming patch or possibly get a CM to post on the matter?
Won't affect PvE at all. Getting 7+ Shatted Pyros in PvP was dumb.

Rogue (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
How would you say Rogues are in PvP at the moment? It's been feeling boring as of late, but maybe it's just me.
I don't know about "boring." I think some classes got stronger versions of things the rogue has.

Thanks all for the rep feedback. The Mists model is different & maybe alters expectations. We'll discuss, observe, clarify & report to devs.

I think all quests should be completable while in a raid. I care not if 40 complete quest at same time.
It would be sweet to quest while waiting for a raid to start. We don't want everyone in a zone to join a questing raid though.

Random question, what problem were you guys trying to solve with the Elder Charms of Good fortune?
Reward players for engaging in a variety of content and being part of the world. "Make it a bonus" to play variety of game.

Why is there still a valor weekly cap if all the dailies give valor and we won't be getting tier from it?
The cap encourages you to eventually spend some instead of hoarding it forever (remember you can upgrade ilevel with Valor soon).

When can we expect the reputation changes to come into effect?
If you're referring to alts receiving bonuses after you hit Revered, that will require a future patch to implement.

Could you elaborate why you doubled the speed of rep gaining for alts instead of just making the tabards BoA and give rep?
Dungeons already reward plenty and we don't want them to be the one stop shop for all rewards. We want players out in the world too.

I get the rep tabard desire. But I think poaching rep via dungeons to double dip on rewards leads people to bypass content, then want more.

Keep the daily quests system but please add reputation tabards. Everybody wins and no complain anymore.
Rep tabards just reward running dungeons that you were probably going to run anyway.

With so many dailies available have you considered increasing the 25 quests limit. Seems low if I'm doing quests as well.
You meant the log limit, not the daily limit? We could look at it. We didn't want players to scoop up every quest at once.

You guys really need to increase the amount of rep per Golden Lotus daily. Why so small?
People are nearly Revered and the game has been out two weeks. Does that seem slow?

Any plans to make quest rewards also offer gear for offspec so us healers can quest as dps, and stop flip/flopping spec.
Nearly all of the later quests (in the last few zones) do.

Dual-spec and the quest reward system doesnt mesh well together at all. Talk to NPC, compare the reward. Respec+gear. Compare.
Most of the later quests give you the option. Nothing is so finely balanced that you MUST have a lvl 86 healing bracer.

Is there any plans to make it easier to get to quest givers, it can be rough when there are a bunch of mounts on the npc.
Yeah, working on an idea.

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