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Bid Farewell to the Name

Date: Sep 21 2016 Views: ( ) Comments ()

Blizzard Entertainment plan to abandon the name for their online platform and service, which they have used since 1996. In a post on the World of Warcraft website, Blizzard said it’s dropping the term over occasional confusion caused by the name. Nothing is changing from a practical standpoint because technology will continue to serve as the central nervous system for Blizzard games. And the company will refer to its online and multiplayer technology more simply as "Blizzard tech" ("Blizzard Streaming" and "Blizzard Voice").

blizzard_battle_net_1 has a symbolic significance, and it evokes memories, and feelings, and nostalgia for many veteran players since it was born alongside Diablo and offered players chat rooms and multiplayer game listings. However, Blizzard Entertainment had made the decision, and they are going to make the change over the next few months. No one will call it in the future anyway. This is a historic moment, what do you think?


Source: Official WoW Webstie

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