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5.0.4 DK Review - Death in the Mists

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Originally Posted by Otou

Quick Review of what's changing in 5.0.4, and what decisions you'll want to make with each specialization.
(fourms aren't using beta tooltips, so make sure you check the wowhead link rather than mouseover)

What's New?

Runic Focus no longer exists. All spell criticals are doubled by default. All classes receive spell hit from expertise at a 1:1 ratio. You require 7.5% hit to cap hit vs bosses, 7.5% exp to cap dodge vs bosses, and 15% spell hit to cap spells vs bosses. Capping hit and expertise will cap spell hit.

The 1 second GCD is baseline. It's not tied to Unholy Presence anymore, so all 3 specs receive it.

Frost Presence no longer increases damage done. Instead it increases RP generation by 20%. It also has a utility effect similar to Unholy Presence run speed. It reduces the duration of CC by 20%.

All specs receive a specific Improved Presence passive. This means you'll always want to match your spec and presence. Improved Blood Presence, Improved Frost Presence, Improved Unholy Presence

Anti-Magic Shell generates runic power for all specs again. (rejoice!)

Necrotic Strike costs a Death Rune. (end the rejoicing)

Death Strike can't be parried. So whether your opponent is a player or a raid boss, all of their parry chance is ignored.  

The Blood Tap ability is gone, and a new talent option has taken it's name.

Death Pact is on the new talent grid.

Raise Dead is a 2 minute cool down, down from 3 minutes. Unholy no longer receives additional cool down reduction.

Mind Freeze (and most melee interrupts) is on a 15 second cooldown with a 4 second school lock out. It also no longer has a runic power cost.

On a Pale Horse is passively granted to all DKs.

Pestilence no longer has a damage penalty, diseases from Pestilence always deal 100% of normal damage.

Ebon Plaguebringer buffs Unholy diseases by 60% as compensation.

Horn of Winter is now the 10% AP buff.

Unholy Aura is provided passively by both Frost and Unholy, as the new +10% melee haste buff.

Scarlet Fever now triggers Weakened Blows, which provides the same -10% damage de-buff.

Brittle Bones and Ebon Plaguebringer, both cause the +4% physcial damage de-buff. Unholy no longer provides the magic damage de-buff.

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