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WoW Becomes A Life-long Game for Team Size Increasing 40%, More Content Expected

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MMO Champion did a compilation of several interviews with WoW developers about Patch 5.4. The Gamescom one is really attractive to me.

"The team size has increased 40% and another 40% increase is planned, which will hopefully allow for a new content patch every month, a new raid tier every three to five months, and an annual expansion." ----Does it mean that WoW will become a life-long game?

Other aspects of the game were also discussed. For instance, Blizzard plan to compress the item level and it probably will be done in the next expansion. As for in-game store, Blizzard says many items sold in the websites will be eventually available in the in-game store but they don't plan to add more cosmetic items although the cosmetic helms are sold well. Besides, mounts and pets are likely to be added to the store "in the patch between Patch 5.4 and the next expansion."

Speaking of the connection between WoW and Hearthstone, the developer teases "there will be other things that connect World of Warcraft and Hearthstone, other than the Hearthsteed Mount."

During the quaterly investor call on May 8th, Activision-Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft subscriber numbers are down to 8.3 million. When referring to it, the developer believe it was because of Diablo III ---- "Diablo III is actually the game that had the most impact on WoW, other MMOs don't really make much of a measurable impact." Really, man?

You can read the post at MMO Champion to learn more.

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