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Legion Beta Change: Artifact Knowledge Matters in Forging Your Artifact Weapons

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The most attractive thing of Legion should be the new class Demon Hunter and the second should be Artifact Weapons System. Not only does this system bring back the stunning Ashbringer, but also allows you to forge your own weapon.


Forging your Artifact Weapons is like leveling up and you need to harvest Artifact Power from quests and treasures. You can get new traits and new weapon talents as you do on yourselves, but the cost of needed AP (Artifact Power, not Attack Power) will increase over time. Luckily the rate of getting AP increases over time and there is a mechanic scaling how many you will get with the Artifact Knowledge.

In the game you can find an Artifact Knowledge (AK) level on the Artifact Weapon interface in the top-left corner. Instead of obtaining a fixed amount of AP from the quest rewards or treasures, you AK level will allow you to get more AP accordingly. By doing this you don’t have to think about whether it is worthy or not to spend your time on a lowly-paid quest.


There must be some players who like to hoard items and I tell you not to do this for AP. You don’t need to save it since there are repeated events and dungeons full of AP and higher AK level will ensure you more AP. Just go for the quests and loot treasures, you priority is to reach 110 as fast as you can and then you will find more AP at max level. OK let's check how fast you can reach the top in World of Warcraft Legion and then forge your own weapon!

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