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World of Warcraft - Fun With Legion Invasions

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Author: MMOsite Writer Raptorak

World of Warcraft’s Legion invasions bring about a fun, open questing system that forces players to work together against enemy mobs. It’s fun for those who want to take part, and offers up a great way to get some variety when it comes to playing the game.

WoW Legion Invasions

Invasions Are Public Events

The invasions within WoW Legion are a lot like rifts from other games (such as TERA’s Nexus system, ArcheAge’s rifting system, or RIFT’s rifting system). It all revolves around an event that has multiple goals, and that requires a lot of players to work together in order to progress. As you make it through the different steps, you also gain rewards, giving an extra incentive for joining in. Chests that are obtained reward Nethershards (a new currency) and gear items of the “Fel” variety (for example, Fel-Chain Hauberk and Fel-Chain Grips). For players that still need to gear up, these can be a great asset.

Finding Invasions

If you want to find out if there are any active invasions, it is very simple: select one of the continent maps and it will show you. For example, in the image below, it is showing that in Northern Barrens, there is an invasion that still has 22 minutes left. It also tells what the rewards are for taking part (aside from the chests that you will earn, they give experience for players that have not hit the level cap yet).

WoW Legion Invasions

Note that on the continent map, you will be able to see the invasions even if you have never been to one of the zones or uncovered any of its area. Furthermore, quite often players will give notices within the chat when an invasion is active, and some will even offer ports. Aside from that, just check the continents every 10-15 minutes and you will be able to tell within a few seconds whether or not there is a current invasion going, and where it is if so.

Offering a Challenge

The Legion invasions are somewhat challenging. The first rounds are fairly easy, but the final boss presents a very threatening encounter (based on previous runs, a lot of players will die against it). Generally speaking, the process for getting involved is simply to show up and start helping kill the red targets. Finding a party or raid group is usually pretty difficult to do during these events as well, but you can always attempt to start a new one – this will be extremely beneficial for those that are not playing healers, as there is a lot of AoE damage that goes around and it can be a very irritating fight otherwise.

The best way to relate the difficulty is to think of it as being like a raid, but open to more players. If you are attentive to what is happening and you can avoid the majority of the damage, you should be doing pretty well. But with a lot of other players and a lot of things going on at once, this can be difficult to do. And it is made even more difficult when you are on your own.

WoW Legion Invasions

A Rewarding Experience

For players that are not well geared already, the rewards from the Legion invasions are well worth hunting for. This gear comes as part of an Item Level 710 grouping, which is on par with the top PvP gear (at least in terms of the Item Level itself), making it a pretty viable alternative for players that want a different way to hunt for items. Along with this, it gives the Nethershards, which can also be used for various items. All in all, the rewards do have value to them, even if you already have most of the things you need or want.

QoL Enhancement: It Needs Public Groups

Events like this that are essentially public for everyone to take part in have been a great part of other games in the past. Being able to group up en masse and take down some tough creatures always has its fun parts. What the system could desperately use, however, is a way to create groups and raids automatically, rather than having to rely on the chat system (which most players appear to completely ignore). A box that pops up and asks if you are interested in joining a public group, for example, would go a long way. As it is, for the most part, everyone is solo against the boss, with some players healing but the vast majority of those who are not healers taking more damage than they can handle, leading to death. Even after the boss was dead in the last two invasions I witnessed, the number of souls running back to their corpses was pretty large, showing just how much value there would be in getting players to work together instead of treating the whole thing like it is a solo encounter. Past that, the events are fun, they bring about something new, and the rewards make them well worth taking part in for most players!

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