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[Spoiler Alert!] Was the Death of These Two WoW Characters A Rushed Decision?

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Don't you just hate it when sympathetic characters die just for the story to progress? It often feels rushed and more like a quick solution, but the story has to progress in one way or another, right?



Ok, you've been warned, now let's talk about the death of Varian Wrynn and Vol'jin and the way they died (although some claim Vol'jin only got injured).
Vol'jin was issuing orders when he got stabbed in the stomach, falling to the ground and breaking one of his tusks. Sylvanas saw this and rushed to pick him up. The Warchief of the Horde is dead, or so it looks like, and his final words to Sylvanas were: "Do not let da Horde, die dis day". With this, the retreat of the Horde started. Quite silly for the Warchief to die by the hands of one demon, especially when compared to the death of Varian. This slightly felt like a way to satisfy both factions, probably having in mind that if Alliance leader dies, so should the Horde’s.


A gunship approaches the Alliance to take them away from the battle, as they can't stand a chance without the Horde. As they all board the gunship and lift off, Gul'dan emerges from the portal and summons a giant Infernal from above. It doesn't hit the ship, but the colossal Infernal grabs it and starts pulling it down. Realizing what he has to do to save his people, Varian jumps off the ship and thrusts his sword into the Infernal's head. Now alone, he makes a heroic charge for Gul'dan, cutting  everything down on his path, but ultimately, he is overpowered by sheer numbers.


Gul'dan is the one who lands the finishing blow.

Both of them died for the story to progress it seems, but it just feels out of place and rushed. Killing iconic characters like this reminds me of Game of Thrones, but it doesn't fit World of Warcraft at all. Varian’s death was already hinted in the cinematic earlier, so was the rise of his son Anduin as the new leader. But killing off Vol’jin seems like a quick fix to keep a balance in the amount of heroes dying from both sides.

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