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Does the Warcraft Movie Influence the MMORPG?

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Movies that are based on video games don't usually influence the universe that they're based on, but Warcraft, the movie, could be having an effect on World of Warcraft, the MMORPG.
The reason behind this thinking is the fact that the movie focused mostly on Khadgar's and his involvement in fighting the greater evil, the fel-corruption of Medivh. Now, in the game, Khadgar is having troubles deciding whether he wants to become the next Guardian or not. Karazhan was also shown quite a lot in the movie, as the fight against Medivh also took place there, and now in WoW, Khadgar returned there to seek aid against the Legion, where he also encounters Medivh's spirit and must resist a powerful temptation.


Both the movie and the game are dealing with Gul'dan and his malefic plans (although WoD has pretty much messed up the lore with the alternate timeline).


The game is primarily now focused on the demon invasion on Azeroth and the fact that the Horde and the Alliance are fighting them together. The movie, on the other hand, is just showing the initial clashes between the Alliance and the migrated Horde, the failure of the possessed Medivh as a Guardian, and the destructive nature of Fel magic.
One major character that was not in the MMORPG until the movie had arrived is Alodi, who was only part of the extended universe, and was mostly presented in books as teh first Guardian of Tirisfal. In the movie, Alodi was a female, but in Legion, HE will appear in the Hall of the Guardian and The Violet Hold and will even have his own staff, the artifact weapon Ebonchill, Greatstaff of Alodi. Slightly confusing, right?
The movie had a great deal of the Warcraft lore altered for the sake of movie-making, and perhaps unnecessary things like an already floating Dalaran should not have been added to irritate hardcore fans. It is quite evident, that not only the Warcraft lore affects the movie, but the MMORPG is also starting to emphasize on elements that were present in the movie. Personally, I would have preferred if the movie presented the Warcraft lore that talks about the birth of Azeroth, the Titans and Sargeras' shift to the “dark side”.

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