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Last Ride for Fiery Warhorse in World of Warcraft

Date: Aug 17 2016 Views: ( ) Comments ()

With the date of World of Warcraft Legion invasion getting closer, more changes are unveiled. With shorter invasion frequency as the good news, the bad news comes that the remake of Karazhan.


The old 10-player’s dungeon will reappear as a 5-player one and the latest news from GamesCom 2016 has promised to be available on PTR after Legion’s launch and outdoor contents in 7.1. As the old Karazhan is mostly famous for the rare mount Fiery Warhorse, many players have visited this dungeon every week for continuous years. The remake of Karazhan might lead to the disappear of this mount and it will be the last few days for players to obtain it.

But the past experience of remake dungeon shows us that there might be another new mount to replace. Take the Zulian Swift Tiger as an example, the remake of Zul'Gurub wiped out this mount and brought back the Zulian Swift Panther. Maybe we will have a new mount, but I hope everyone of you can take a last ride on Fiery Warhorse before the remake. (Tips: Try to Shout “Hand Over Your Mount to Me” before killing Attumen, hope you can get better luck!)

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