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How Long Will Demon Hunter Keep You in World of Warcraft?

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Enough previews! Enough guesses! It is time to play your own Demon Hunter! Those who have pre-ordered World of Warcraft Legion can now fight against the demon invasions!

Demon Hunter is originated from one of the most famous Bosses and Warcraft characters Illidan (probably for his weapons), so it is thrilling to play as Illidan in the fancy world of WoW (and probably with his weapons). OK, how many of you are not saying “We are playing DH for the moment that he carries the Warglaive of Azzinoth”?


That is the charm of this new class and this will be a mission for every Demon Hunter to accomplish. But it takes more to keep players stay in WoW. There is a great disadvantage that DH will put on leather armors which makes this type of equipment overheated in the competition against Druid, Monk and Rogue. The attractive features lay on the agile melee combat and artifact weapon system. Also there are some other new things more than this class amd here is the FAQ in Blizzard Watch to prepare you better for the expansion.

So how long will Demon Hunter keep you in WoW? I won’t ;eave before I get the weapons, and you? Time to find it out!

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