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WoW 7.3 to Start Making LFR More Difficult

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In an interesting interview with Ion Hazzikostas, a lot was learned about the upcoming update to World of Warcraftpatch 7.3. But one of the most notable things for more passive players is what’s going on with the LFR system going forward. They have declared that “tourist mode” is going to be moved away from, instead pushing for more solid encounters.


The Ease of LFR

It’s no secret that the raids within the game’s LFR system are watered down versions of the original. For the most part, the encounters follow the same mechanics as their normal versions do, but with far less deadliness to them. As a result, comparing the two has historically been difficult – yes, you can learn a bit more about how to handle the real raids, but going from solely LFR raiding to jumping into a raid guild is a huge ramp up when it comes to the challenge. Many have liked this, as it means that pretty much anyone can take part. Whether you are fast at reacting, follow what’s going on, and understand the battles or not, you are able, for the most part, to take part without any issues and be successful. But this has been a fairly big issue with veteran players, who want an actual challenge – not just a free pass for some drops. And this is especially true when you can get BiS items from the dungeons.


A Change of Course

Rather than having most of the same mechanics but watering them down, the path going forward is going to rely on having fewer mechanics, but making them more deadly/challenging. The goal is essentially to make players actually have to try to make it through the dungeons, while at the same time making them casual-friendly – something that hasn’t been done so far. Now, it is worth noting that some battles were already fairly tough, leading to a lot of group wipes and sometimes failed LFR groups, but on a comparative scale, they were still nothing like their “real” counterparts. And this illustrates two things: players have gotten much accustomed to the ease of how it’s been and haven’t really pushed to get better and it has shown that there is little actual teamwork and planning in most LFR battles. In fact, many don’t have any chatting at all, or very little, with most players just randomly attacking and hoping to win.


Will This Change LFR Quality?

This path change is absolutely going to have an impact on LFR, though it’s hard to tell by how much. As it is now, it’s mostly filled with players that are looking to get some passive drops without having to do a lot of work. However, going forward, it seems like it’s going to play out a bit more like in Final Fantasy XIV. For those that aren’t familiar with that, it’s essentially a tiered raiding system where the higher difficulty ones lead to a lot of failures. It gets to the point where succeeding is the exception, rather than the norm.

But this is true for one very important reason: you still have to deal with the more passive players that don’t really want to do anything and are hoping to get carried through every encounter. This is absolutely going to be part of what is dealt with through WoW (as it’s already part of the mentality some players have), but will hopefully be set up such that there’s less of an impact on the success rate of groups. After all, getting a lot of random players together is always going to leave with a mixed group of skill sets and players’ understanding of the game.

As for the difficulty level expected with this, Ion has stated that they want to take it more towards that of Mists of Pandaria, rather than Warlords of Draenor, so if you are familiar with the two, it should help better understand what to look forward to.


Making Learning a Necessity

One of the best parts about this change is that it’s going to make players better understand their classes and how to do things like avoid AoEs, analyze mechanics, and work as a team. This is something that has been absent from WoW as of late, whether in dungeons, LFR, or PvP, and forcing it in this game mode should help enhance all the others as well. Especially as of recently, the game has been seen as a walk in the park, leading many who loved the original difficulty to move on to better challenges. While this isn’t a complete solution to those issues, it is a huge step forward. Now it’s just time to see how it all plays out in the end, because at the end of the day, we don’t quite know what it’s going to actually feel like until after it’s been done.

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