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The Newest Khadgar Harbingers Short is a Must-Watch

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World of Warcraft's animated shorts called Harbingers are pretty amazing so far. Last time we got the see the origin of Gul'dan from the alternate timeline, and now we get to see Khadgar and his trip to Karazhan.


Let me give you a summary of the story.

The reason for Khadgar's return to Karazhan was to find power and knowledge that would help him stand against the ever mighty Legion.


There he found the ghost of the last Guardian, Medivh. Surprised to see him there, Khadgar was caught off guard, as Medivh was killed by none other than Khadgar himself. It's actually a ghost of him that's tied to the tower, and it's powers, and Khadgar seeks his wisdom and help in defeating the Legion.


Medivh tells him that no single spell would help him against the invading demons and that it's time for Khadgar to seize his destiny as the next Guardian. Wondering how that is possible since there is no one to bestow such powers on him, Medivh shows him a spell book which has his essence in it. Tempted by the powers he would have as a Guardian, Khadgar makes a choice.


Unlike focusing on a character's background and past, like Gul'dan's animated short, this one shows the determination and will of a single character. We see how Khadgar is a strong-willed and smart man, and why he's one of the most powerful mages currently. This particular animated short had a surprising twist in it, but I don't want to spoil anything, so watch it for yourself!

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