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Features That Will Make You Re-Sub for World of Warcraft: Legion

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World of Warcraft has seen so many ups and downs over the years, but it has stuck around nonetheless. Despite the mishaps of the old regime of Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard promises that World of Warcraft is coming back strong with Legion.

There are a ton of new features like improved combat animations and revamped class mechanics that Legion will be introducing via the pre-expansion patch and the expansion-proper patch. A lot of these improvements are absolutely game changing for WoW and willattract a ton of the old playerbase back to the game. Below we outline four features that will have ex-WoW player interested in fighting for Azeroth once more.

1. Transmogrification System

The initial Transmog system that Blizzard introduced to WoW is one of the most beloved features of the game. But, for years, this has been relatively untouched, apart from the few tweaks here and there. It was also a pain for the fashion-conscious Azerothian as the original system required them to keep specific pieces of armor and weapons in their inventories or banks at all times just to be able to switch their looks. This meant a horrible time managing one's inventory space, with some even sacrificing rare pieces of gear because they simply didn’t have the room anymore.

WOW Legion

Legion is putting an end to those pains, and Blizzard will introduce awardrobe feature that is similar to Rift’s own wardrobe system. Once an item enters your inventory, it gets recorded and that’s it! Vend it, throw it, discard it, make Garrosh’s rotting corpse eat it – it doesn’t matter – that specific piece of gear is in your wardrobe forever and can be switched to at any time in the future.

This feature is also account-wide, so you don’t have to get the same piece of gear for another character. But, it’s only limited to what your class can naturally equip, so don’t expect to rock plate on your priest any time soon. It’s a great new system with tons of other QoL features that take transmogrification to a whole newlevel.

2. Artifacts Feature

Legendary equipment in Vanilla up to Cataclysm wasa mixed bag for players. Sure, it’s fun to acquire weapons like Thunderfury or Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, but they were only ever for specific classes and those that weren’t eligible to equip them got the shaft for that entire expansion or major update. Even if you have the WoW gold to help you obtain these Legendaries, you cannot make good use of them if you couldn’t equip them in the first place.

WOW Legion

Starting with MoP and eventually with WoD, Blizzard made the concept of the Legendary Cloak and Legendary Ring questlines, respectively, to make acquiring these Legendary items something that all players could do, regardless of class. They were just so significant for the meta at the time. However, these Legendary Cloaks and Rings made classes a bit generic in the sense that, not only were they a necessity for raiding past LFR, but they blurred the distinction between classes due to how powerful they were -they carried players through sheer strength of their passive procs.

In Legion, however, there are several different and unique Legendary items, called Artifacts, that vary from class to class. Paladins get the awesome Ashbringer, Death Knights FINALLY acquire Frostmourne (sort of) in the form of two blades forged from its shattered pieces, and a ton of  mythical weaponry for each and every class and each spec. No more generic Cloaks or Rings that blur the difference between tanks, healers, and dps. Everyone’s got their own thing now and the experience will be far more diverse for each class played.

3. Revamped PvP System

The fact that gear played a pivotal role in overcoming opponents put a lot of people off participating in PvP in WoW, and most MMOs.. Even if you consider yourself god’s gift to MMO PvP, you still wouldn’t stand a chance against someone in full Conquest while you were stuck with your hybrid PvE/pleb Honor gear. It was hard to farm for these commendations by themselves and the difficulty is compounded by the fact that most folks would just get steamrolled by other PvPers that had better gear.

WOW Legion

In Legion, PvP gear progression works entirely differently – in fact it’s no longer a factor. All gear is equalized depending on your class and spec to a specific statistical standard in everyPvP area, open world or instanced, and skill will prevail here more than gear stats. No more farming Honor or Conquest points for you! There is still a minimal form of gear progression as you acquire PvP gear from strongboxes by completing PvP instances, but these affect your stats at a minimal level tied to your overall item level. It’s so miniscule that you may as well ignore it.

But the biggest and best change that Legion is setting up for WoW’sPvP is that there will be PvP-only skills. There is a whole separate list of PvP skills that can only be used in PvP. Progression in PvP will focus more on earning honor ala experience meter, giving you access to better versions of your regular skills for use in player combat.

In the past, whenever classes would be balanced for either spectrum, whether focused on PvE or PvP, the changes on one will inadvertently affect the other, causing major chaos in the community. Top DPS classes turn to crap in raids due to a balance intended for PvP and vice versa. It shook up the meta too much and could be controlled too little. But the separation of PvP and PvE skills in Legion means that Blizzard can balance one facet to their heart’s content without the other side getting accidentally nerfed.

4. The Demon Hunter

And we close off this list with one of the greatest and most anticipated draws that started way back in Vanilla WoW: The Demon Hunter.Who DIDN’T want to be just like the infinitely badass Illidan Stormrage? As it was said, way back in Vanilla, folks have been clamoring for the Demon Hunter class, and this got even stronger when Burning Crusade was first announced. Alas, the next new class to be released would be later on in Wrath of the Lich King in the form of the Death Knight (which is plenty awesome, by the way).

WOW Legion

Blizzard really delivers with Legion as you can FINALLY be the dual warglaive-wielding, horned powerhouse, and fel-fire inducing Demon Hunter. With a plethora of skills and abilities inspired from the actual capabilities of Illidan Stormrage, this newest hero class will create some of the most fun folks have had in a long time. What’s even more surprising, as beta players have pointed out: the Demon Hunter won’t be an overpowered FotM class like the Death Knight back in WotLK. I can’t see how WoW veterans and Warcraft fans will be able to resist the powerful temptation of playing as one of the most badass classes to ever exist in the fantasy genre.

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