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Demon Bounty Rewards You the Legion Beta Key

Date: Jul 06 2016 Views: ( ) Comments ()

Are you still circling outside the gate of WoW Legion and can’t find a way in? Now World of Warcraft team has arranged an event giving you the chance to join the other thousands of testers in the upcoming expansion.

You need to follow these community members at the times listed below to take your shot:


And the mission is to get ready to take on the demon they issue a bounty on. Once the demon is targeted, you’ll be asked to head into Azeroth, Outland, or Draenor, to screenshot any demon of that specific type (dead or alive), and tweet it using the associated hashtag.


This Twitter event might have every bounty hunter, who has finished the missions, to get a beta key. Please follow Warcraft on Twitter to know about the rules and receive the bounty calls.

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