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​Kilrogg Deadeye: He Who Holds Gul’dan’s Staff Will Show Up in a Sequel

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I must admit, that title sounds wrong after a while, but let's pretend it doesn't. Upon seeing Warcraft for the third time now, more and more little bits and pieces caught my attention. Kilrogg Deadeye is the next major character that I accidentally identified after getting slightly bored of Gul’dan saving Thrall with the help of Bambi.


So apparently, the Bleeding Hollow chieftain is most likely to be in the Warcraft movie, although at first I thought it was just a random orc who Gul’dan shoves his staff to when aiding Draka in giving birth to Thrall. That random orc was missing a left eye, and that eye inspired the not commonly used Eye of Kilrogg spell, that many casuals only discovered after completing the quest chain initiated by the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion. 

Most of you probably spotted the currently quite popular Grommash Hellscream in the movie, but Kilrogg was slightly less obvious. We might just get to see his half-eyed face at the sacking of Stormwind in a sequel with his buddy, the handsome ogre Cho’gall. That is, if the sequel attempts to be loyal to the original storyline. 


The big question is, whether the director included such characters in the Warcraft movie just to feed the hungry fans, or they actually have some meaning and possibly foreshadow the future storylines of the Warcraft movies. Since Kargath also seems to appear at some point, we will surely be hearing more from these CGI chieftains. 


Back to Kilrogg, he is one of those who couldn’t say no to Mannoroth’s blood and to Gul’dan’s staff… Blackhand also held the staff by the way, when Gul’dan revealed his six pack and went Shang Tsung on Durotan. 


Nevertheless, we will most likely meet Kilrogg in a future Warcraft sequel along with some other key figures who briefly appeared in the movie, but the title does not refer to Blackhand who got rekt by Lothar in a ridiculous clash. Did you guys spot any other major characters who only showed up for a split second? Tell us below. 

Daniel Csaki
Daniel Csaki
Daniel is an experienced gaming and tech journalist with a Bachelor in Communication and Journalism. Beyond his dedication to writing, he is an eager MMORPG enthusiast and a regular keyboard-smasher. When not writing, you can spot him in MMOs like Aion, ArcheAge, APB and he tends to suffer from the well-known "with or without you" WoW relationship. Besides MMO games, Daniel loves playing retro RPGs with his fiancée.

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