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Free Spec Swapping and Restricted in WoW Legion

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In World of Warcraft Legion changing specs would no longer cost gold! That’s the good news, the bad news is that talents swapping is restricted to certain areas.


There is always a sum of money in the Guild Fund for specs swapping, becuase the raid leader needs to assign some players with multiple roles. They have to switch often between specs and the guild will pay for it. Legion now is going to cancel this cost. Unfortunately the other free swapping of talents gets nerfed that only in the rest area or by a consumable Tome can players change talents. World of Warcraft Legion tends to specify the fights with the right specs and talents while making the choice of your talents crucial before leaving a safe place. OK, since the consumable Tome is crafted by Scribes’ recipe and it has the effect of enabling all nearby players to retalent for a time, the tome will become a must in raids and it is very convienient to make the switch in the dungeons instead of going back. The good days of Scribes will soon arrive.


Also there comes another goods news that the new race/class Gnome Hunters will be released before Legion arrives, it is time to walk a mechanical creature after dinner!

Source: Blizzard Watch

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