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Nostalrius is Down: Where to Seek Old Memories in WoW?

Date: Apr 06 2016 Views: ( ) Comments ()

You might not be so familiar with Nostalrius and its closure might not bother you in the raid of Draenor, but many nostalgic World of Warcraft players will probably sigh at the shut-down of this emulator server.


In Nostalrius you are limited to a certain level and you can experience the old-time thrill of raiding MC or Sunwell. While a large group of players are seeking past joy here, Nostalrius is not officially supported by Blizzard, and the worst part is that Nostalrius is going to be closed because of Blizzard’s legal complaints.


The most famous one is down and soon the second one, Kronos, will face the same situation. Normally in WoW we can lock our levels to achieve the same nostalgic goal, but there is no server specialized for nostalgic gameplay lovers, maybe Blizzard should set up one as a kind of remedy.

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