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Watch Warcraft and Get WoW Package!

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It goes in a great way to offer you a World of Warcraft package if you purchase to see Warcraft Movie with World of Warcraft “Ultimate Movie Edition”. It might be the very first time for a developer to cast a film of its game and at the same time provide game package bonded for it.


It is now only an official survey of Blizzard and the package covers the expansions before Legion, also there are in-game items and 1 month free time to play. It is just recruitment of new players charmed by the movie and the summon of “dead” ones. Anyway most of WoW fans will see this movie (Don’t you? Don’t you? Won’t you?), it is awesome to have extra rewards(free time may be changed into certain time cards in regions not using monthly cards). So go to Reddit and vote a yes for it once you have received the survey!

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