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Interview with the Director of World of Warcraft Movie

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To all the players of Warcraft, the most anticipated thing is not only the game update itself, but also the mysterious World of Warcraft movie. And finally, this movie will unveil in March 2016. 17173 got the chance to have an interview with the director of World of Warcraft movie, Duncan Jones, mainly talking about the progress of this movie, and his estimate of Chinese movie star Daniel Wu, and the future plan of it etc.



1. There will be more stars appearing in this movie, and it will be probably launch in March 2016.


2. "Duncan is the most sexy and handsome guy over the world, and he's a talented actor, there will be a lot of scenes of his Guldan (actually, Daniel Wu's makeup will be not what you imagine)"


3. If this movie will get gradually known and stuck by the audience, we'll consider to make more movies of World and Warcraft.


4. Some new characters or some unfamilar characters will make their debut in the movie, Blizzard is satisfied with this movie, and will bring some surprises to players



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