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Blizzard Has Added Diablo’s Cow Level to World of Warcraft!

Date: Jan 05 2017 Views: ( ) Comments ()

Are you ready for an udder good time? As part of Diablo’s 20th anniversary, you can now access one of the most famous levels in Diablo – the cow level. This celebration has spreaded into World of Warcraft!


To access the hidden level, players will need to slay a treasure goblin, which can spawn anywhere in the Legion expansion (including in dungeons.) Once the goblin has been slain, a portal will spawn which leads a small farm crawling with bovine-beasts. The level even includes a cow king, that, like the hidden level in the original, drops a ton of loot. The event ends on January 11th, so be certain to moooove and find one of these elusive treasure goblins!


Killing the cow king drops a special toy which rewards you with the Diablo's 20th Anniversary achievement. The Cow King can also drop other items that reference the Diablo games (like a Scroll of Town Portal and various charms), as can the treasure goblins. Items drop from The Cow King only once a day during the event,

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