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WoW: Pirates' Day Guide

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Avast, ye landlubbers and put on your Bloodsail Admiral's Hat, September 19th is Pirates' Day in World of Warcraft--an in-game version of the international holiday Talk Like A Pirate Day. While not a full-blown holiday, Pirates' Day still brings the grog and its very own achievement for the one day it comes to Azeroth.

The festivities take place in Booty Bay, located in southern Stranglethorn Vale; here players will find a horde of pirates celebrating on top the roof of the Booty Bay bank. For those who celebrate Pirates Day every day of the year (i.e. Bloodsail Admirals) and haven't yet made up with the goblins of Booty Bay, it may be difficult to reach these NPCs without some guard aggro. However, because they are located on top of the roof you should be mostly safe from new guard spawns. Horde players will have it a bit easier due to the location of their flight master.

Once you've arrived, speak to the Dread Captain DeMeza and share a festive drink. She will grant you the Dread Corsair buff, giving you a sweet pirate costume of whatever race your character is which lasts 12 hours! This buff will stay on while mounted, in combat, and even persists through death--unless, of course, you're a druid and you like to shapeshift. Obtaining this buff will also earn you one achievement: The Captain's Booty. Since it can only be obtained in this 24 hour window, it's one of the rarer achievements in-game--even if it doesn't help you with any holiday metas or anything fun!

Dread Captain DeMeza

Once in costume, be sure to stick around and hang out with DeMeza and her crew as they laugh and drink. And for those of you who like cool facts, two of the NPCs--Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket--are in-game homages to the real founders of Talk Like A Pirate Day!

You can even get into the spirit of the festivities with the Pirate Speak addon which can be found on WoWInterface. Pirate Speak will spice up your in-game chatting with familiar pirate dialect, though you will have to enable out-of-date addons. Download it and annoy everyone--err, we mean, get in the spirit of the holiday!

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