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WoW: Love is in the Air 2012 Guide

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Pamela WoW: Love is in the Air 2012 Guide
By Pamela
Pamela is an MMO vagabond with experience in a vast array of titles. She focuses on solo and duo content in MMOs with an emphasis on having fun without needing too many other players around. Follow her to read more about enjoying all types of MMOs.

Page1: Quests
Page2: Dailies
Page3: Obtaining “the Love Fool” title 1
Page4: Obtaining “the Love Fool” title 2
Page5: Optional achievements not required for “the Love Fool” title

Full SizeThe event goblins in Orgrimmar
The event goblins in Orgrimmar

From February 5th until early morning on the 20th,denizens of Azeroth focus a little more on love rather than war during the Love is in the Air event. If it isn’t obvious enough, this event celebrates the real-world holiday of Valentine’s Day. Players will earn Love Tokens, play with charms, and participate in romantic activities throughout the event. Thankfully, those interested in love and those that are not can both benefit from the event. Completing every achievement for Love is in the Air gives the player the opportunity to earn several achievement points and the title “the Love Fool.” See the Obtaining “the Love Fool” title section below for step by step instructions on how to acquire that.

Quests and Dailies

During Love is in the Air, players can complete a main questline and a number of dailies for money, achievements, and/or Love Tokens. The main quest series starts with “Uncommon Scents” if picked up outside of Stormwind or Orgrimmar. If you begin the questline in either of those cities, “Uncommon Scents” will be automatically skipped and the main questline will begin with “Something Stinks.” The questline ends with “Something is in the Air (and it Ain’t Love).”


“Uncommon Scents”
This quest is actually optional in the main storyline for the Love is in the Air event. Junior Detectives around major cities offer this quest, and they simply ask the player to visit either Detective Snap Snagglebolt in Orgrimmar or Inspector Snip Snagglebolt in Stormwind. This is basically a breadcrumb quest to get you started.

“Something Stinks”
The Snagglebolt in your faction’s city will offer this quest. You can find him near the auction house/bank area in The Valley of Strength (Orgrimmar) or in the Trade District (Stormwind). He will ask you to take a Snagglebolt’s Air Analyzer to test the air around guards in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Simply find a guard with a pink cloud of perfume stink around him/her and use the Analyzer. If you have trouble seeing the cloud, target a guard and look for the debuff called Heavily Perfumed. Use the Analyzer on 6 guards and then return to Snagglebolt.

Full SizeA guard wearing too much perfume
A guard wearing too much perfume

“Pilfering Perfume”
Snagglebolt will now ask you to disguise yourself as a package-runner and direct you to run by the Crown Chemical Company’s stockpile. After you’re disguised as a goblin, be ready to run. Horde members need to head out of the main gate of the city and turn east (to your left). Stay close to the city’s wall and you should see the stockpile. For Alliance members, simply head out of Stormwind across and through The Valley of Heroes. Turn east (to your left) to see the boxes. When you pass by the stockpile, do not stop! The NPCs will toss a package to you that will show up on your back. As soon as that happens just head back to Snagglebolt. If you pause around the stockpile, the NPCs will see through your disguise.

“Snivel’s Sweeheart (Horde)/Fireworks at the Gilded Rose (Alliance)”
Now, Snagglebolt will send players to a particular establishment within their faction’s city. Horde players will be asked to find Roka inside the Gotri’s Travelling Gear while Alliance players are tasked with finding Marion Sutton at the Gilded Rose. Gotri’s Travelling Gear is in The Drag (very near where the map says The Drag), while the Gilded Rose can be found in the Trade District (she should be upstairs behind Snagglebolt).

“Hot on the Trail”
Finding these women will complete the previous quest and start this one. Each of these women want you to search around your faction’s city for a particular goblin. You’ll need to travel to a bank, an auction house, and a barber shop to complete this quest. Horde players should stay in and around The Valley of Strength to locate these destinations while Alliance players should stay within the Trade District to complete the quest. You’ll know you’ve correctly looked for your goblin since he will stun you and say a few things before you can move on. Return to Roka or Marion to complete the quest.

“A Friendly Chat…”
Roka or Marion will now ask the player to look in one last place for the goblin. Horde players will be asked to travel to the zeppelin tower in the center of Orgrimmar. The goblin you’re looking for, Snivel, will be outside the tower that has the zeppelin that travels to Tirisfal Glades. Alliance players will need to go to the Stormwind Harbor to find Snivel. He is standing where the second dock from the north meets land. Talking to Snivel will progress the quest by putting a book into your inventory. To complete the quest, you’ll need to go back to Snagglebolt.

Full SizeA guard wearing too much perfume
Marion Sutton

Once that quest has been turned in, Snagglebolt will offer a daily that is required for the achievement Dangerous Love (10 points). See the Dangerous Love (10 points) section under the Obtaining “the Love Fool” title below. You can also find the details on this daily beneath the “Crushing the Crown” section of the daily portion of this piece.

Snagglebolt may also offer a quest called “Man on the Inside” now which leads the player to the event’s boss Apothecary Hummel. This quest is not required for any achievements nor is it technically required for the main questline. You can get the item required to start the next quest, “Something is in the Air (and it Ain’t Love)” by simply killing Apothecary Hummel with or without “Man on the Inside.”

“Something is in the Air (and it Ain’t Love)”
This quest is started by a drop off of Apothecary Hummel. Talk to Snagglebolt to complete the quest. That marks the end of Love is in the Air non-daily quests.

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